Basic information about Stirling Water Polo

Stirling Water Polo started as a section within Stirling Swimming in April 2011 and the section has grown considerably since then. Training was based in Stirling High School but we moved in early 2013 to take advantage of the deep water facilities at the National Swimming Academy within the University of Stirling.

Stirling Water Polo provides training and competition for both Boys & Girls aged 7 years up to both Senior Men & Women.


This Spectator’s Guide1 provides a useful introduction to the game.



There are trunks / suits design for the contact nature of the game but normal swimming gear is fine to start off with. Stirling costumes/trunks are available at with prices of £30 for women and £20 for men plus p&p.

No goggles are worn, as these cause injuries when a ball is flying around.

Water Polo caps provide ear protection and are needed to identify teams. There are supplied by the club.


T-shirts and Hoodies

We need a minimum order of 12.

The t-shirts will have the club logo on the left chest and the SSE logo embroidered on the right chest. Adult t-shirts cost £8, kids t-shirts £7.

The hoodies have the club logo embroidered on the left chest, Stirling Water Polo printed on the back and up to 3 initials embroidered on the right chest. If ordering a hoodie, don’t forget to specify the initials to be used. Adult hoodies are £23, kids hoodies £20.

You will find photos of the clothing modelled on our Stirling Water Polo Facebook page and to help with sizing.

The link for the t-shirts is… , the sunflower(yellow) one.

The link for the hoodies is… , the black and gold one.

Please direct enquiries to David or Fraser


Ball sizes are suited to the players age and ability.

Size 3 Balls are used for Youth water polo (Junior)

Size 4 Balls are used for Under 14 and Under 16 competition

Size 4 Balls are used for Under 18 Girls and Senior Women

Size 5 Balls are used for Under 18 and Senior Men.


Further info Scottish Water Polo

1Thanks to George Spowart for providing the guide and a other information in this section.