Where and when

Training takes place on Sunday evenings 17:30-19:00 at the National Swimming Academy (NSA), Stirling University.

The National Swimming Academy pool, full length with pitch at one end

We also have training on Wednesday 18:00-19:00 at Bannockburn High School. The pool depth is limited and therefore suitable for junior or new players only.

Pool availability is for any Wednesday except

  • school bookings (that clash for space/site access)
  • school holidays where an in-service day is not planned. The School buildings and facilities are normally open for in-service days.

The school has to give us 14 days notice of cancellation.


From time to time players are invited to train with neighbouring clubs (Falkirk and Dunfermline). and we reciprocate with any visiting players.



David Dalziel is the head coach.

Fraser Harris coaches juniors and new players.


Training material

Some useful material is published by other clubs, some of which are here: REWP and LA84.

There are also many videos available to assist with technique and game play on the internet.


Swim fitness

In Stirling there are at least three swimming opportunities:

  • Competitive swimming squads
  • Club Squad
  • Triathlon club

Competitive swimming within Stirling Swimming has entry qualification criteria and obligation to attend galas. Some players are already in squads. See the Squad Structure section of the website.

Club squad within Stirling Swimming has 3 swim session a week – Mon, Tue, Thu 7:30 and your entry is more or less guaranteed as you are in WP. This squad has a good mix of swimmers whose focus is not competitive swimming, more for fitness/fun and also to multi-sports such as triathlon. There are many strong swimmers in this squad and there is no minimum age.

Triathlon club is a separate club and has a growing and popular youth section. Some of the athletes train in the other half of the NSA pool on Sundays. They have 2 other sessions – Wednesday 6-8pm and Saturday 7-7:50 am. Either speak to Billy Mitchell at the poolside on Sundays or go to  http://www.stirlingtriathlon.com/junior-training.html

Many of our top players are themselves talented swimmers and we often out-pace our rivals in the pool. Also, swimming efficiency and strength is all part of the development of water polo players – the Scottish Squads spend much of their 3-hour session on swim fitness.

If you have any queries about developing swim fitness, David and Fraser would be happy to help or you could make contact direction yourself.

Other training

A Water Polo Academy takes place in the Royal Commonwealth Pool (RCP) in Edinburgh on Friday evenings, aimed at improving existing players.

Caledonia is historically an amalgamation of Dunfermline, Warrender and Dundee teams to help compete at British National Level at both Senior and Junior level. Over the last couple of years, Stirling has contributed to various Caledonia Junior Teams that have competed at British Club Championships

Scotland squads call on all Scottish clubs and train as A and B squads in Dunfermline (Carnegie centre) and Stirling (NSA). Entry is merit-based, with trials operating periodically. Teams compete inter-regionally (UK) and internationally.

Rules and guides

FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation), the sport’s governing body, set out the rules by which Water Polo is played. The World Water Polo Referees Association provides a different perspective and advice on rules.

Mini Polo is the simplified game for youngsters up to the age of 14 with a subset of rules covered by this guide.